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Sunset over the Mountains

Welcome to
the Tabernacle World Prayer Center

We believe this is a kairos (divinely strategic) moment in history. We are, according to Jesus, in the last days and we are closer to the last of the last days than ever before. We recognize there is growing spiritual opposition but, more importantly, a divine increase in opportunities and empowerment. We are convinced that we can most fully participate in God’s work in this critical season through passionate and persistent prayer. Jesus left behind only one structure – a prayer meeting, the Upper Room gathering – through which He intended to empower His followers to change the world.

The 4 N's

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The Near are people close to us - geographically or relationally.


The Nation is America - we pray for a different state each week.


Nations within reach are the immigrant populations around us.


Within Reach

Nations unreached are those in the world where the gospel is not known or known very little.



Stay Informed About Events and Prayer Needs

Prayer is our first step to the great commission!

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